Oriana MacLeod

Oriana MacLeod

Oriana MacLeod resides in Santa Monica, Ca with her family and has been a writer for 16 years. Her work includes poetry, a chapbook, 12 short stories, 2 screenplays, 1 short film, and also 5 plays. Her latest play will be presented in this year's Pembroke Taperelli Film Festival, running from, 11/0719 through 11/09/19 in Los Angeles, Ca. She is also a Script writer for GPS Productions located in downtown Los Angeles, Ca. Originally from San Francisco, Ca, Oriana Macleod completed her undergraduate studies in Creative Writing and Literature from Antioch University and her MFA at Antioch University Santa Barbara, in Writing and Contemporary Media. As a dedicated writer, she continues to find a way to showcase her artistic talents and to explore themes that cut at the heart of American culture in relation to gender, race, and inequality. Along with writing Currently, she is working on her 6th play, chronicling the life of a family in the aftermath of the counter-culture era of the 1960s. Along with writing her organization, OneHumanityAlliance donates food, clothing, and other resources to the underserved in her community and the greater Los Angeles area.

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